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Awarded PhD degrees

The following persons from Department of Electronic Systems have succesfully defended their PhD thesis in a public phd defence.

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13.02.2020 Ali Karimidehkordi
Multi-Service Radio Resource Management for 5G Networks

06.03.2020 Martin Bo Møller
Sound Zone Control Inside Spatially Confined Regions in Acoustic Enclosures


16.01.2019 Mohsen Barforooshan
Trade-Offs between Performance, Data Rate and Transmission Delay in Networked control Systems

23.01.2019 Xiaodong Duan
Machine Learning Methods for Selected Vision Tasks in Social Robots

07.02.2019 Egon Kidmose
Network-Based Detection of Malicious Activities – A Cooperate Network Perspective

06.06.2019 Pietro Danzi
Communication Architectures for Reliable and Trusted Wireless Systems in Smart Grids

12.06.2019 Rafhael Medeiros de Amorim
UAV Connectivity over Cellular Networks - Investigation of Command and Control Link Reliability

27.06.2019 Mohammed Seifu Kemal
Real-time Monitoring of Low Voltage Grids using Adaptive Smart Meter Data Collection

03.07.2019 Dereje Assefa Wassie
Experimental Validation and Proof-of-Concept of 5G Dense Small Cells Networks in Indoor Environments

23.08.2019 Thomas Haaning Jacobsen
Radio Resource Management for Uplink Grant-FreeUltra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications

03.09.2019 Maria Stefan
Automation of Smart Grid OperationsThrough Spatio-Temporal Data-Driven System

04.09.2019 Renato Barbosa Abreu
Uplink Grant-free Access for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications in 5G - Radio Access and Resource Management Solutions

30.10.2019 Konstantinos Ntougias
Efficient Resource Allocation and Spectrum Utilisation in Licensed Shared Access Systems

05.11.2019 Igor Aleksandrovich Syrytsin
User Effects on Antennas in 5G Mobile Terminals

27.11.2019 Erika Portela Lopes de Almeida
Wireless Communications in Open-Pit Mines: From Radio Propagation to Network Deployment Strategies

29.11.2019 Fengchun Zhang
Radio Channel Characterization and Over-the-Air Performance Evaluation of 5G Antenna Systems

06.12.2019 Simon Vestergaard Johansen
Automated Optimization of Broiler Production


07.03.2018 Do Manh Thai:
Exploring Approaches to Enhance Universal Service in Vietnam

09.03.2018 Àlex Oliveras Martínez
Characterisation and Modelling of Measured Massive MIMO Channels

19.03.2018 Jonas Hansen
Network Coding Using Superregular Matrices for Robust Real-Time Streaming

06.04.2018 Jesper V. Knudsen
Modeling, Control, and Optimization for Diesel-Driven Generator Sets

04.05.2018 Pierre J.C. Vogler-Finck
Forecast and control of heating loads in receding horizon

08.05.2018 Gitanjali Shinde
Cluster Framework for Internet of People, Things and Services   

15.05.2018 Thomas Lundgaard Hansen
Sparsity-Based Algorithms for Line Spectral Estimation

17.05.2018 Abdul Rauf Khan
Statistical Data-Mining and Machine-learning: An Application to Industrial Manufacturing

25.09.2018 Kamal Shahid
Assessing the Impact of Communication Networks on Reliable Coordination and Ancillary Services from Renewable Generation Plants

27.11.2018 Morten Sørensen
Predicting Radiated Emission of Apparatus Configured of Modules by Means of Numerical Methods and Module Level Measurements

29.11.2018 Fukiko Kawai
Disturbance Feedback Control for Industrial Systems: Practical Design with Robustness

30.11.2018 Márton Ákos Sipos
Network Coding for Distributed Cloud, Fog and Data Center Storage

30.11.2018 Morten Kolbæk
Single-Microphone Speech Enhancement and Separation using Deep Learning

05.12.2018 Stanislav Zhekov
Radio Propagation Aspects of Future Mobile Communication Systems

07.12.2018 Johannes Hejselbæk
Radio propagation for the next generation mobile communication system




17.01.17 Christer Volk
Prediction of Perceptual Audio Reproduction Characteristics

31.01.17 Roslyn Layton
Which Open Internet framework is best for mobile app innovation? An empirical inquiry of net neutrality rules around the world

03.02.17 Madhukar Deshmukh
Spectrum Sensing Strategies in Cognitive Radio Networks

28.02.17 Burak Çakmak
Random Matrices for Information Processing – A Democratic Vision

10.03.17 Emil Feldborg Buskgaard
The Dynamics of the User Effect on Electrically Small Antennas

30.03.17 Neofytos Kaplanis
Perception of Reverberation in Domestic and Automotive Environments

31.03.17 Dnyaneshwar S. Mantri
Energy Efficient Bandwidth Management in Wireless Sensor Network

05.04.17 Lucas Chavarría Giménez
Mobility Management for Cellular Networks: From LTE Towards 5G

13.06.2017 Mojtaba Farmani
Informed Sound Source Localization for Hearing Aid Applications

22.06.2017 Christian Schou Oxvig
Algorithms for Reconstruction of Undersampled Atomic Force Microscopy images

22.06.2017 Lars Møller Mikkelsen
Enhancing IoT Systems by Exploiting Opportunistically Collected Information from Communication Networks

21.08.2017 Maria Simonsen
Stochastic Switching Dynamics

30.08.2017 Albert Gyamfi
The Case of Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD)

31.08.2017 Kasper Fløe Trillingsgaard
Information-Theoretic Aspects of Low-Latency Communications

06.09.2017 Guillermo Andrés Pocovi Gerardino
Radio Resource Management for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications in 5G

12.10.2017 Niels W. Adelman-Larsen
Reverberation times suitable for venues that present pop and rock music

03.11.2017 Chres Wiant Sørensen
On Tunable Sparse Network Coding in Commercial Devices for Networks and File System

22.11.2017 Asger Heidemann Andersen
Speech Intelligibility Prediction for Hearing Aid Systems

24.11.2017 Nicolai Bæk Thomsen
Speech Processing for Social Robots to Improve Interaction with Humans

12.12.2017 Thomas le Fevre Kristensen
Assessment of Electricity Distribution Grid Control Utilizing Information Access over Non- ideal Communication Networks

13.12.2017 Marko Angjelichinoski
Advanced Bus Signaling Methods For DC Microgrids

18.12.2017 Prashant Shantaram Dhotre
Systematic Analysis and Visualization of Privacy Policies of Online Services

19.12.2017 Tobias Leth
Polynomials in the Bernstein Basis and Their Use in Stability Analysis


15.02.16 José de Jesús Barradas Berglind
Fatigue-Damage Estimation and Control for Wind Turbines

25.02.16 Mert Bastug
Model Reduction of Linear Switched Systems and LPV State-Space Models

11.03.16 Thomas Schedel
Spatio-Temporal Parsing in Spatial Hypermedia

22.03.16 Prateek Mathur
Mechanisms for Effective Utilization of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks

13.04.16 Tina Øvad Pedersen
UX Toolbox for Software Developers – methods and training

27.05.16 Matija Stevanovic
Machine learning for network-based malware detection

30.05.16 Henning Thomsen
Wireless Transmission Methods for Ultra-dense Cellular Networks and Machine-type Communications

03.06.16 Lars W. Jochumsen
Radar Target Classification Using Recursive Knowledge-based Methods

07.06.16 Oana-Elena Barbu
Design of OFDM receivers operating in severe interference conditions – An approach combining sparse signal reconstruction and variational Bayesian interference

13.06.16 Jacobo Rouces
A Frame-Based Approach for Integrating Heterogeneous Knowledge Sources

14.06.16 Kenneth K. Tsivor
Analysis and Development of Sustainable Energy for the Telecom/ICT Industry in Ghana

30.06.16 Pranav M. Pawar
Green and Secure Medium Access Control for Wireless Sensor Network

01.07.16 Adel Zahedi
Source Coding for Wireless Distributed Microphones in Reverberant Environments

08.07.16 Nikitas Goumatianos
Algorithmic Trading Advancements Using Pattern Discovery Methods and Multiple Committees of Neural Networks

01.09.16 Víctor Fernández López
Cooperative Resource Management and Interference Mitigation for Dense Networks

02.09.16 Chayapol Kamyod
Resilience Analysis of the IMS Based Networks

14.09.2016 Ahmed Sherif Mahmoud Shawky
Quality of Context Enhancements and Cost Effective Radio over Fiber Network Planning

28.09.2016 Adam Kuklasinski
Multi-Channel Dereverberation for Speech Intelligibility Improvements in Hearing Aid Applications

25.10.2016 Jakob Lindbjerg Buthler
Performance Optimisation for Devices Using Multi-SIM

01.11.2016 Ehsan Foroozanfard
Antenna Cancellation Techniques for Full-duplex Wireless Device

10.11.2016 Chuanzong Zhang
Combined Message Passing Algorithms for Iterative Receiver Design in Wireless Communication Systems

11.11.2016 Marta Gatnau
Radio Resource Management for 5G Small Cells in Unpaired Spectrum

24.11.2016 Ignacio Rodriguez Larrad
An Empirical Study on Radio Propagation in Heterogeneous Networks

28.11.2016 Rasmus Pedersen
Power Management and Voltage Control using Distributed Resources

02.12.2016 Anders Kalsgaard Møller
Evaluation of 3D Positioned Sound in Multimodal Scenarios

13.12.2016 Jacob Theilgaard Madsen
On the Impact of Communication and Information Access on Wind-Farm Control and Demand Management in Smart Grid Scenarios

13.12.2016 Ambuj Kumar
Active Probing Feedback Based Self Configurable Intelligent Distributed Antenna System

19.12.2016 Mislav Findrik
Network-Aware Adaption Framework and Its Applications to Smart Grid Controllers

22.12.2016 Néstor Hernández
Network Coding for Cooperation in Wireless Networks



08.01.2015 Ruben Grigoryan
Acquisition of Multi-Band Signals via Compressed Sensing

09.01.2015 Mads Lauridsen
Studies on Mobile Terminal Energy Consumption for LTE and Future 5G

29.01.2015 Mette Kirschmeyer Petersen
Market Integration of Virtual Power Plants

25.02.2015 Bayu Anggorojati
Access Control in IoT/M2M – Cloud Platform

25.02.2015 Sachin Dilip Babar
Security Framework and Jamming detection for Internet of Things

27.02.2015 Alex Aaen Birklykke
Modeling and Predicting the Behavior of Computers Operating without Guard-Bands - An Experimental Approach Based on Voltage-Scaled FPGAs

15.04.2015 Lishuai Jing
Pilot Signal Design and Direct Ranging Methods for Radio Localization  Using OFDM Systems

17.04.2015 Fernando M. L. Tavares
Interference-robust Air Interface for 5G Small Cells: Managing inter-cell interference with advanced receivers and rank adaption

23.04.2015 Germán Corrales Madueño
Reliable Radio Access for Massive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication

11.05.2015 Luminita Cristiana Totu
Large Scale Demand Response of Thermostatic Loads

20.05.2015 Sven Ewan Shepstone
Selected Topics in Audio-based Recommendation of TV Content

21.05.2015 Kresten Sørensen
Model Based Control of Reefer Container Systems

09.06.2015 Seyed Ehsan Shafiei
Control Methods for Energy Management of Refrigeration Systems

18.06.2015 Pevand Bahramzy
Design of Tunable High-Q-Antennas for a Duplexer-Less Front-End

23.06.2015 Ignacio Fernandez-Hernandez
Snapshot and Authentication Techniques for Satellite Navigation

14.08.2015 Samira Rahnama
Integration of Large-scale Consumers in Smart Grid

01.10.2015 Davide Catania
Performance of 5G Small Cells Using Flexible TDD

05.10.2015 Idongesit Williams
Analysis of Public Private Interplay Frameworks in the Development of Rural Telecommunications Infrastructure

06.11.2015 Benjamin Kwofie
E-Learning Implementation in Higher Education Institutions

10.12.2015 Thomas Paulin
Reliable Communication Stack for Flexible Probe Vehicle Data Collection in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

11.12.2015 Abdullahi Isah
Implementation of SNS Model for Intrusion Prevention in Wireless Local Area Network

17.12.2015 Anders Tornvig
Distortion-Product Otoacoustic Emission at Low Frequencies in Humans

18.12.2015 Ghafoor Shah
Signal Processing Techniques for Computer-Aided Smart Stethoscopy

22.12.2015 Aamir Saeed
Enhancement of User Quality of Experience (QoE) for Service Migration in Context Aware Environment



10.01.2014 Bo Han
Low Complexity Wireless Sensors for Power-Efficient Communication and Energy Harvesting

03.02.2014 Carrie Peterson
Gerontechnology outcomes: technology intervention on Quality of Life in dementia care

05.02.2014 Patrick O.K. Gyaase
Re-Engineering Governance; E-Government as a Tool for Decentralization; Ghana as Case Study

07.03.2014 Gunvor Elisabeth Kirkelund
Generalized Message-Passing Algorithms for Approximate Inference

11.03.2014 Kasper Vinther
Data-Driven Control of Refrigeration Systems

29.04.2014 Eric Kuada
A Social Network Approach to Provisioning and Management of Cloud Computing Services for Enterprises

08.05.2014 Daniel M. O. Adjin
Developing a Conceptual Information Systems (IS) Succes Model for Intelligen Vehicle Tracking Systems Used in Developing  Countries - The Case of Ghana

09.05.2014 PSM Tripathi
Radio Spectrum Management for Future Wireless Communication Services

03.06.2014 Tomasz Bujlow
Classification and Analysis of Computer Network Traffic

23.05.2014 Istvan Szini
Physical layer limitations on 4G MIMO handset Systems

11.06.2014 Karl Damkjær
Mission Planning for Unmanned Aircraft with Genetic Algorithms

10.06.2014 Felice Francesco Tafuri
Linearity and Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for Mobile Communication Power Amplifiers

17.06.2014 Maryamsadat Tahavori
Modeling, Optimization & Control of Hydraulic Networks

27.06.2014 Emmanouil Amolochitis
Algorithms for Academic Search and Recommendation Systems

02.10.2014 Samuel Adu Gyamfi
Pedagogical Reflections on a Blended Learning Environment in Ghanaian Universities: A Formative Experiment Approach

03.10.2014 Dipashree Bhalerao
Internet of Things Heterogeneous Interoperable Network Architecture Design

21.10.2014 Wei Fan
Over the Air Testing of MIMO Capable Terminals

23.10.2014 Morten Juelsgaard
Utilizing Distributed Resources in Smart Grids – A Coordination Approach

30.10.2014 Panagiotis Fotiadis
Load-Based Traffic Steering in Heterogeneous LTE Networks

07.11.2014 Oscar Tonelli
Experimental analysis and proof-of-concept of distributed mechanisms for local area wireless networks

19.11.2014 Rajarshi Sanyal
Smart Multiple Access Topology Employing Intelligent Physical Layer for Addressing the Mobile Node

27.11.2014 Benjamin Biegel
Distributed Energy Resources in the Liberalized Electricity Markets

03.12.2014 Niels T. Kjeldgaard Jørgensen
Indoor Small Cell Deployments: Challenges and Enabling Techniques

09.12.2014 Alexandru Tatomirescu
Antenna Decoupling Techniques for Small Mobile Platforms: Alternative Duplexing for LTE

15.12.2014 Achuthan Paramanathan
Network Coding Strategies on Commercial Wireless Devices

16.12.2014 Peyman Pahlevani
Locally Optimized Network Coding Protocols for Wireless Networks

18.12.2014 Wei Wei
Measurement and Modeling of Thermal Characteristics of GaN High-Electron-Mobility Transistors

19.12.2014 László Blázovics
Cooperative Behaviour and Communication


07.01.2013 Konstantinos Georgakilas
Delivery of Services in Multi-Layer Multi-Domain Optical Network Infrastructures

24.01.2013 Claudio Coletti
Heterogeneous Deployment Analysis for Cost-Effective Mobile Network Evolution - An LTE Operator Case Study

18.02.2013 Péter Vingelmann
Data Distribution with Network Coding in Device-to-Device Communication Scenarios

22.02.2013 Antonis Michalas
Trust and Privacy in Distributed Networks

28.02.2013 Meng Guo
Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Acoustic Feedback Cancellation Systems for Hearing Aids – A Novel Approach to Unbiased Feedback Estimation

01.03.2013 Peter Ebo Tobbin
Examining the Adoption and Use of Mobile Data Services: A Consumer Behavior Analysis

06.03.2013 Søren Christiansen
Model–Based Control of a Ballast–Stabilized Floating Wind Turbine Exposed to Wind and Waves

20.03.2013 Joseph Kwame Adjei
A Case for Citizen Centric National Identity Management Systems:  Crafting a Trusted National Identity Management Policy

22.03.2013 Mehmood Ur Rehman Awan
Resource Minimal Architecture Design for Software Defined Radio Front-Ends

09.04.2013 Arpan Pal
Novel Applications for Emerging Markets using Television as a Ubiquitous Device

09.04.2013 Balamuralidhar P.
Architectures and Algorithms for Cognitive Networks Enabled by Qualitative Models

13.05.2013 Jacek Pierzchlewski
Compressed Sensing Methods in Radio Receivers Exposed to Noise and Interference

27.05.2013 Fan Sun
Wireless Interference Management via Coordinated Transmissions

21.06.2013 Gilbert Micallef
Energy Efficient Evolution of Mobile Broadband Networks

21.08.2013 Fabiano Daher Adegas
Structured, Gain-Scheduled Control of Wind Turbines

23.08.2013 Ivan Bonev Bonev
Radiation Performance of Multi Antenna Terminals

26.08.2013 Michael Hansen
Model Based Control of Single-Phase Marine Cooling Systems

29.08.2013 Nana Kofi Annan
Leveraging mobile computing and communication technologies in education: Incorporation of mobile learning into Tertiary Education

02.09.2013 Vandana Rohokale
Energy Efficient Authentication and Authorization for Multi-node Cooperative Connectivity and Reliability

12.09.2013 Niels Lovmand Pedersen
Bayesian Inference Methods for Sparse Channel Estimation

30.09.2013 Sonam Tobgay
Dynamic and Reliable Information Accessing and Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

02.10.2013 Morten Lomholt Jacobsen
Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Radio Channels - An Application of the Theory of Spatial Point Processes

04.10.2013 Ezer Osei Yeboah-Boateng
Cyber-Security Challenges with SMEs in Developing Economies: Issues of Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability (CIA)

25.10.2013 Karsten Fyhn Nielsen
Compressive Sensing in Communication Systems

06.11.2013 Parikshit N. Mahalle
Identity Management Framework for Internet of Things

08.11.2013 Antonio Sapuppo
Disclosure of Personal Data in Ubiquitous Social Networking

08.11.2013 Gerhard Steinböck
Modeling of Reverberation Effects for Radio Positioning and Communications

11.11.2013 Kishor Puna Patil
Spectrum Utilisation and Management in Cognitive Radio Network

11.12.2013 Samantha Caporal Del Barrio
Tunable Antennas to Address the LTE Bandwidth Challenge on Small Mobile Terminals: One World, One Radio

16.12.2013 Per Lynggaard
Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in a “smart home” context: - A Distributed System Architecture